love your development tools

At Beanbag, we build tools to ease your development tasks, from code review to unit testing to bug tracking, helping you do your job done faster so you can sleep soundly at night.

(Or not. We know how it goes.)

Code review is our specialty

We built a powerful, easy-to-use, extensible, open source code review product called Review Board. It's trusted by thousands of companies every day, helping keep product quality high and costs down.

Review Board works with Bazaar, ClearCase, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, and more.

You can install Review Board in your own network, or we can host it for you on RBCommons.

Take code and document review further

Our Power Pack add-on product extends Review Board with even more review and management capabilities for your team.

Power Pack adds PDF document review capabilities to Review Board, allowing you to review documentation, specifications, presentations, and more, all in one place.

Report generation helps you to gain deeper insights into your team's productivity, identifying bottlenecks and ensuring that the review process is going smoothly.

Power Pack also adds support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, and GitHub Enterprise.

Building the next generation of bug trackers

We're rethinking what a bug tracker can be with Splat.

Splat is our experimental, in-development bug tracker built to work with your existing tools, like Asana, Slack, and Review Board. For instance, bugs in Splat could be scheduled along with a project in Asana, helping everyone stay in the loop for a release.

Most development projects depend on third-party modules, which have their own bugs and trackers. Use Splat to link up with those trackers, helping your team depend on upstream bugs and their fixes.

We're big on open source

We come from an open source background, with decades of experience developing projects of all sizes. Linux applications, web applications, desktop infrastructure, and more.

We have a list of open source projects we've developed and used in our products, most available under the MIT license, for you to use in your own work.

We're always here for you :)

Got a question? Using our products and want to say hi? Live in the Bay Area and want to grab coffee? Reach out!

You can e-mail us any time at, or find out more about us on our Team page.

We always aim to provide top-notch support. If you're using our products, come talk to us about how we can help with your support needs.