Meet our team

We're not so bad once you get to know us.

Christian Hammond


Hi! I'm Christian, one of the co-founders of Beanbag and Review Board. I spend most of my time working on our products here at Beanbag, coming up with new ideas, working on graphics, helping our users with support, or whatever else needs done that day. I wear a lot of hats.

In a past life, I was an open source Linux developer, responsible for parts of the Gaim/Pidgin IM client and GNOME desktop before moving to VMware to work on Workstation for Linux, VMware Server, and WSX.

David Trowbridge


Hi, I'm David, another of the co-founders of Beanbag and Review Board. I've always had a passion for building tools that make people actually want to use them. As a founder, I split my time among just about everything, from engineering to sales to accounting. Before Review Board, I spent a lot of time in the open-source Linux world, as well as working as an engineer at VMware.

Jamie Candiff


Hi there, I'm Jamie. I am a lifelong artist/designer and I am passionate about my work. I enjoy coming up with creative ways to contribute to the awesomeness of Beanbag. You can see some of my work on our social media sites. You may also hear from me if you visit and give some of our products a try.