Our open source projects

We love open source, and have spent decades in the open source world working on all kinds of projects.

While at Beanbag, we've developed and maintained a number of tools and libraries you might find useful in your own projects.

Here are some of the big ones.

Development and Cloud Management
CloudPuff Smarter templates, macros, variables, AMI building tools, and more for Amazon CloudFormation.
DiffX Our proposed standard for a future-proof, backwards-compatible diff format that can be used today.
dev-goodies A collection of very useful command line tools for working with Git repositories.
Review Board Our easy, powerful, extensible code review product.
Review Bot Automated code review support for Review Board.
RBTools A command line tool suite for working with Review Board servers.
beanbag-docutils Extensions to Sphinx for building more useful documentation.
django-evolution Efficient database migrations compatible with a wide range of Django versions.
Djblets A collection of add-ons to Django for building complex web applications.
Fabazon Utilities for Fabric scripts that work with Amazon Web Services.
Grumble A Python library for print debuggers who are drowning in print statements. Adds convenient tooling, state inspection, and logging to the print debugging experience.
Housekeeping Reusable deprecation helpers for Python. Helps large and small codebases evolve their architecture through easy and informative deprecation management.
kgb Function spies for Python unit tests.
pillowfight A compatibility module for projects that need to support both PIL and Pillow.
virtualenv-multiver A tool for building virtualenvs that include a range of Python versions.
JavaScript / TypeScript
babel-plugin-django-gettext A Babel plugin for more easily working with Django's gettext support as template literals.
jasmine-suites A cleaner and more useful way to organize Jasmine-based unit tests for JavaScript.
jquery-timesince A jQuery plugin that converts a <time> tag into a live "XX seconds/minutes/hours/days" display.
Spina A JavaScript/TypeScript framework built on the bones of Backbone.js, but for modern web development.